Welcome! I am a professionally trained composer and pianist performer and this is my personal web space. Thank you for browsing through, I hope you find what you are looking for. If interested do get in touch with me.


My compositions include a variety of pieces in different styles and genres, for various solo instruments and ensembles, voice, choir, and orchestra. As a pianist I perform pieces from the last few centuries and I enjoy doing extempore improvisations. I have also worked and performed extensively with various international artists and musicians as a piano collaborator.


With the wide range of students of all ages that I’ve had the privilege to teach, I am fascinated by how unique each individual is, in the way of understanding, development and growth. This has forced me to see things from different perspectives. In paying particular attention to the needs of each person, I adapt and create a program that suits the needs of each individual.


Amongst the various projects that I am interested in, these are some of my current research: a new wholistic approach to music training and education; interpretation of music aiming at a new “impersonal expression”; the effects of Sound and its consequences; relation and interaction between music and linguistics; applications of music in science; the creation of a centre of research with sound and music as a common ground in relation to other disciplines.