Fitting In

In a world with identity crisis, where each house is full of things “Made in Somewhere-else”, and flavours from far away merge into our everyday lives, careless, idealistic, Italian born and culturally confused brought-up-in-India-into-a-new-family musician, I am now looking for a sense and the missing links in my own life, and what connects us all, humans, life, the Universe.

Although I speak in many tongues I believe I speak music best. An earthling longing to be able to fly, seeking for true connections, at heart still a dreamer but very aware of life’s harsh realities, I seek with my music to ease my pain, and break-through to enter the realms of peace, joy, and limitlessness. Sincere in my endeavour, often struggling and confused, enchanted by colours and luminosity, my musical style, though Western in origin and infused with Indian flavours, wants to find a deeper sense, to outgrow, maybe even transcend its own physical boundaries, to dissolve into the realms of colour and light and go beyond.