My Approach to Music

While music is often seen as a means for entertainment and for human expression and achievement, in my experience it bears a transformative power that can help us evolve and grow. By touching us in the innermost depths of our being, it can connect us to one another in a profound manner and allow us to be permeated by a sense of belonging to a universal unity. My music aspires to lend itself to this dimension of music.

In order to connect with the reality and forces that sustain the universe, I find it indispensable to let go off the importance of one’s personal values and satisfaction in music. In putting aside the idea of one’s own effort and importance, the desire to impress others, to be correct etc., I have found that one starts to feel the boundaries of form and our sense of separateness break down, unlocking the mysteries that unite us with everything else. Our thoughts, emotions and movements begin to represent a flow of energy, where sound and light become vibrations and voices of a matrix representing That one universal, infinite and truthful reality.