About Me

In a world where flavours from far away merge into our lives, and every house is crammed with products Made in “Somewhere-else”, I, an earthling longing to fly, am seeking for meaning and true connections. Though at heart an idealistic dreamer and yet aware of life’s harsh realities, I strive, through my confused, struggling, and sincere endeavour, to find the missing links, to discover what connects us, humans, life, the Universe.

I am a professional composer and pianist, with additional formal training in recorder, singing and conducting. Some of my influential teachers have been Richard Hoffmann, Sanford Margolis and Param Vir.

My musical compositions include pieces for a variety of instruments, voices, and ensembles, written in diverse styles and genres. (Listen)

As a piano performer, I have given concerts as solo pianist (Listen) playing repertoire pieces, as well as my own compositions. As a collaborator (Listen), I have performed with international artists such as Bettina Naumann-Rhode and Birgit Breidenbach (Singers), Susanne Günther (Flutist), Ladislav Brozman (Violinist) and Sin Cha Hong (Contemporary Dancer and Choreographer).

I am presently living in Auroville (South India), where I also teach music, composition and piano performance.


My compositions include a variety of pieces in different styles and genres, for various solo instruments and ensembles, voice, choir, and orchestra. (Listen) or (Commission a piece). Enchanted by colours and luminosity, my musical style, though Western in origin and infused with Indian flavours, wants to find a deeper sense, to outgrow, maybe even transcend its own physical boundaries.


My piano repertoire includes pieces from the last few centuries, as well as film score adaptations, extempore improvisations in free style, and original solo piano compositions. I have given numerous performances as soloist and collaborator with various international artists and musicians. (Invite or Hire me)

I am a skilled pianist (good at sight-reading) and have played and performed in various occasions with many musicians, in duos, trios, bigger groups and ensembles, with singers, dancers, in theatres and for artists and exhibitions.


With years of experience in the field, my practice of teaching has now broadened to include a variety of skills, paying particular attention to the needs of each student, by adapting and creating a program with the intention to strengthen the qualities and resolve the particular difficulties that one may encounter on the way, and by fostering an environment that encourages respect, openness, freedom and enjoyment.

You can attend individual or group classes, workshops, seminars and master classes in piano technique and performance, practical training in Composition, Orchestration, Music Theory, and coaching in Voice and Chamber Music. (Attend)