My compositions include pieces composed in a variety of styles and genres, tonal, atonal, modal, new-age, world, experimental, film and theatre, vocal, and written for a variety of solo instruments, choir, orchestras, and various ensembles. (Commission a piece)

Even though my musical training has been mainly in the European Concert Tradition spanning the last 5 centuries encompassing the innovative instrumental and electronic techniques of the 20th Century, I have had a great interest in expanding my sound palette by also studying music from India and other world cultures that include Balinese, Sub-Saharan, Native American, Andean and Japanese music.

Below is a list of compositions:

  1. Solo Piano
  2. Flute
  3. Violin
  4. Voice
  5. Choral
  6. Film/Theatre music
  7. Chamber and Orchestra
  8. Other Instruments

You can purchase and preview the music on Bandcamp, or directly from me. Sheet music and scores of my compositions are also available. You can also commission an original piece for your personal use or for your own projects.

Imaginary scene (by Dr. Greco, Conductor Luís Bacalov)
In a room, we see a couple, they just finished making love. He is dressing up, she is looking at him while smoking a cigarette. He looks at his watch. She asks him: “Will there be a follow-up?” “There is always a follow-up.” he answers.
It is dawn. He gets in his car, drives it through the city. Then switches on the radio, a few moments after, switches it off. He fully pushes down the accelerator, crashes against a tree, and dies.

This is the second of four pieces representing different scenes. The rain has finally arrived. The joyous sound of drops falling on the leaves on the trees in the forest.

This is a tonal and melodic piece, uses rhythms reminiscent of argentinian tango.

Imaginary scene by L. Bacalov.
It is mid 20th Century. Evening on an Atlantic cruise ship. The sea is rough, the sky grey, but not raining. Seen from 30 metres behind, at bow, is the silhouette of a man dressed in black. It is dark. We zoom in on the man. Some music group is playing inside.
Man is now standing in the corridor. A door opens, and an old woman walks towards him. She turns back, she had forgotten to lock the door. He sees her and faints. He is on the floor, while the clock strikes nine, ringing in his head like a throbbing head-ache. She doesn’t notice him and walks towards the kitchen door at the end of the corridor.


My piano repertoire includes pieces written in the last few centuries, as well as film score adaptations, extempore improvisations in free style, and original solo piano compositions composed by me. (Hire)

While music is often seen as a means for entertainment or seen merely as an embellishment to our surroundings, I see it as something that can help us connect, develop and grow. By touching the depths of our personality and expanding our limited selves, I believe Music can connect us to one another and give us the sense of deeper and unifying purpose.


I play different styles of music, new, old, contemporary, and am able to do extempore improvisations. I have also given performances with dancers, and theatre groups, and accompanying work. Get in touch if you would like to work with me. (Invite)

Since I enjoy performing together with other musicians, (with sight-reading as a great advantage), I have been invited to perform extensively around the world with flutists, violinists, singers, and other musicians. I am always ready to perform with musicians and play new pieces, either in concerts, tours, or making recordings.